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Electromagnetic field surveys

We can measure four types of electromagnetic radiation in your home or workplace:

  • Low level high frequency voltages (caused by transients and harmonics on power lines)
  • AC magnetic (caused by electrical appliances)
  • AC electric (caused by bad wiring/components)
  • RF/microwave (caused by 2 – 5G networks, WiFi, microwaves, radio/tv)


In most cases, we can provide recommended actions instantly during the survey.


Electromagnetic radiation reports

In complex cases, or where a person suffers from electromagnetic sensitivity and requires maximum assistance to reduce exposure, we can survey the EMF systematically and analyze the results to produce a report. The report includes details such as:

  • a spatial radiation map of the premises
  • explanation of the survey results in greater detail
  • explanation of the survey implications for health
  • more concrete and specific recommended actions