[ Environmental Science ]



We have 20 years of diverse professional and academic experience in environmental sciences, including the design y execution/supervision of over 80 environmental projects
(20 coastal/desert; 35 highlands; 19 rainforests; 7 Latin America) on varied subjects such as: air quality (14); aquaculture carrying capacity (2); aquatic ecology (3); atmospheric chemistry (1); bioaccumulation of heavy metals in animals and plants (2); carbon footprints (2); climatology (12); coastal rubbish (1); compensation for environmental damage (2); cosmoclimatology (1); drone mapping (6); electromagnetic fields (6); entomology (10); environmental consulting in engineering projects (5); environmental impact analysis (27); epiphyte ecology (6); eutrophication (1); forest biomass (5); flora (35); forest ecology (7); ground vibrations (7); herbivory (1); herpetology (25); hydrobiology (11); hydrocarbon oil spills (2); hydrology (9); legislative effectiveness (1); marine biology (5); mastozoology (25); microclimatology (8); mist capture (2); noise quality (13); ornithology (26); plant physiology (4); rescue, relocation and monitoring of plant communities (3); risk analysis (3); rural tourism (1); sediment quality (lotic, lentic and marine, 9); soil infiltration (1); soil quality (20); and water quality (lotic, lentic and marine, 9).

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Report Reviews & QA/QC

Our principal service is the critique and/or edition of draft environmental reports, which combines our broad multidisciplinary experience, long academic training and perfectionist nature.

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Professional Reports & Studies

With SUNEDU registered degrees and Professional College affiliation (Colegio de Geógrafos del Perú), we can generate and sign off on a wide range of environmental documentation required by Peruvian law for project development, as well as purely scientific studies. We can assure that questions are addressed, budgets are effective and results are comparable, by designing baseline and monitoring studies with the ideal sampling points, collection methods and statistical analysis.


  • Air quality
  • Noise quality
  • Soil quality
  • Water quality


  • Resource valuation
  • Life zones & ecosystems
  • Flora & fauna
  • Hydrobiology
  • Carrying capacity
  • Ecological flow


  • Descriptive climate reports
  • Correlations between climate and other field data
  • Predictive analyses


  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Restoration & compensation plans
  • Economic valuation
  • Monitoring plans
  • Management plans


With experience generating high-quality English and Spanish translations of environmental documents, we often review translated documents that require technical perfection for publication. Also on occasions, when a technically perfect translation is required, we undertake translation of environmental documents.



Our 3DR drone fleet for photogrammetry (Pix4D), inspection and monitoring is MTC authorised and outfitted for multi-day missions in remote areas without AC power. We travel to all worksites with three complete drones (and spare parts) to avoid any inconveniences from lost vehicles that often occurs (due to birds, solar interference, unexpected wind gusts, etc.).